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Page titles and descriptions

Although the most important part of website optimisation is your back links - attention to detail in all aspects of each of your pages is still relevant and although emphasis on your Title and Meta tags is not quite as significant as it once was you must make sure you have this covered. Search engines will use this information but they will not give it as much weight as your overall website design, navigation, usability and of course your links. These tags reside in the head of your pages and can be viewed and edited quite easily. Just make sure that they are there and are indicating what your web page is about, again do not over cook this by stuffing in too many keywords or phrases.

This is an example of a Meta tag that would be found in a web page (an html document).

meta title


Always include a description of what the page is about and keep it around 75 words.

meta description code

You can see each and every Title and Description you write for each page in the results page of your Google search. (A great place to start and get some ideas of how the highest ranking pages in your sector are writing theirs).

The keywords meta tags are not seen in the search results but keep them to what your page is about and normally no more than seven keywords per page.

meta keywords code