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On page SEO

All your headlines, sub-headlines, body content, image tags, and links for every page on your web site should contain your most important keywords and keyword phrases for that page (not your website). Getting the balance right is crucial for each page as too many repetitive keywords is as damaging as too little. There are online tools available that will allow you examine each page and work out your keyword density.

Choose the most important and relevant descriptive word or phrase for each page and focus on that word or phrase for that individual page. Be careful not to saturate the page with your keywords as you will be penalised if the search engines are confused to what the page is actually about.

The most important place on a page for your keyword or phrase is in your headline or sub headline (usually the H1 tag).

Your keywords or phrases should appear in the rest of your content but do not stuff them in out of context.

All your images should contain keywords (avoid names such as pic_1 or image_1 etc.) You should also use them in the ALT tag for each image and your URL for each page should contain a keyword.

Remember to write to educate or inform your visitors and not to see how many keywords or phrases you can squeeze in. Return to your copy when it's finished and then see how best you can optimise the page.