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Off page SEO

The number one factor in increasing your ranking results is off-page search engine optimisation commonly known as SEO. There is a Google first page ranking for every search keyword or phrase relating to your business and you need to turn your attention to building links to achieve it.
The more in number of quality and relevant websites that link back to your website indicates to the search engines that your site has an authority and therefore must be of a certain importance and thus will rank higher than similar sites to yours.
Link building is a long and arduous task but the rewards can be outstanding.

Content is king!

Whatever you do - do it to the best of your ability! Try and produce content that is high quality, informative or just sheer entertainment. The more people that like what you do the more likely they are to link it.


Online directories are one of the easiest and best places to start as they are in abundance and usually require no more than a straight forward listing of your business name and what services or goods you supply.


Be a blogger and guest contributor on other relevant blogs. Not only do you get that all important link back to your site but this also provides fresh, quality content for the provider. Everybody wins!

Make sure you check the domain authority or 'link juice' of prospective link building opportunities by using one of the many and easily available online tools and remember - never buy or negotiate links.